Application Notes

The following example schematics and application notes are provided to assist in the design of products using the Open Dots™ standard. Please note, the Open Dots Alliance makes no warranty and assumes no liability for the use of these example schematics and/or applications notes. These schematics and applications notes are intended to assist product developers to understand the Open Dots™ technology and more quickly bring their product to market. Your company is still responsible to ensure the product meets all reliability, safety, EMI, regulatory, cost, and other requirements.

Applications Notes:

ESD Protection App Note

Ball Bearing Contact Stack App Note

Open Dots Power Tool Battery App Note


Low Power Device-Side Power Receiver Schematics:

Device Schematic 500mA

Device Schematic 1A

Device Schematic 2A


High Power Device-Side Power Receiver Schematics:

100W Power Receiver Rectifier Schematic

High Power Control and Safety


Low Power Pad Schematics:

Pad Schematic


High Power Pad Schematics:

120W Open Dots Power Surface


Miscellaneous Application Circuits:

Power Tool Battery Charger