What is Open Dots™?

Open Dots™ is a specification describing a wire-free power technology for consumer electronics devices up to 160 Watts. The technology outperforms competing wire-free power technologies in many ways.

What is so great about Open Dots™?

Open Dots™ provides the following benefits:

  • Ultimate Safety: Does not employ electromagnetic fields.
  • Free positioning: Devices run anywhere on a pad at any orientation.
  • High power: Can power devices up to 160 Watts.
  • Power Diverse: low and high power devices can run side-by-side.
  • High efficiency: The technology can be made nearly 100% efficient.
  • Low Cost: Implementation of the technology is inexpensive.

How would my product benefit from Open Dots™ wire-free power?

Wire-free power eliminates the final wire – the power wire. Imagine setting your cell phone down and it magically starts charging. Any product that uses electrical power becomes more convenient to use with Open Dots™ wire-free power. Wire-free power is a product feature that is a want-to-have before a consumer uses it, and a must-have after.

How does Open Dots™ technology work?

A product that is outfitted with the Open Dots™ technology will have contact points or “dots” on its bottom surface. When the product is placed on an Open Dots™ pad, these contact points make electrical contact with electrical stripes on an Open Dots™ pad, just like a light switch. And just like a light switch, this contact is very efficient, very reliable, and very inexpensive.

How do I know my product will work on any other company’s pad?

The Open Dots™ Alliance program was designed to ensure every Open Dots™ product is compatible with every other Open Dots™ product, and that similar but non-compatible products do not appear on the market that may cause problems with Open Dots™ products.

We made an Open Dots™ product. Are we free to put the Open Dots™ Compliance Logo on it?

Two things are required before you may put the Open Dots™ Compliance Logo on your product. First, your company must be a member in good standing of the Open Dots™ Alliance. Second, your product must be tested for compliance. This can be done internally, or it can be done by a certified third party lab. The Open Dots™ Alliance may request records of the product’s certification at any time in order to confirm compliance. If your company is a member in good standing, and your product passed compliance testing, then your product may proudly display the Open Dots™ Compliance Logo.

How does the Open Dots™ Alliance program “self-regulate” as you say?

The Open Dots™ Alliance program encourages product compliance using a peer-cooperation system. When you become a member, you agree that you will not make, buy, or sell counterfeit or deleterious products.  If you make, buy, or sell counterfeit or deleterious products, then other members are encouraged not to buy your Open Dots™ or non-compliant products or sell their Open Dots™ compliant products through your channel. Thus, purely by mutual agreement, member companies ensure compliance and discourage counterfeit and/or deleterious products. Membership in the program is absolutely free, and only requires manufacturers to meet the Open Dots™ specification, thus there is no reason a company would not participate.

Why would my company join the Open Dots™ Alliance?

Membership in the Open Dots™ Alliance allows your company to make, buy, or sell Open Dots™ compliant products in cooperation with other Open Dots™ Alliance members. It is totally free, and does not prohibit your company from engaging in any business other than that of counterfeit Open Dots™ products. There is no reason NOT to join!

What’s in it for the Open Dots™ Alliance?

The Open Dots™ Alliance is a 501(C)(6) non-profit organization. Its sole purpose is to publish and promote the Open Dots™ standard to ensure a uniform and reliable customer experience for Open Dots™ products. The Open Dots™ Alliance is funded by independent sponsors who see the value in creating a broad product base for this exceptional, public domain technology. The Open Dots™ Alliance provides a public list of all the members of the Open Dots™ Alliance to further promote participation in the technology.

How can I tell if a product is Open Dots™ compliant?

Every product that is Open Dots™ compliant will display the Open Dots™ Compliance Logo. If your product has “dots” or “stripes”, and does not display the official Open Dots™ Compliance Logo, you may have a counterfeit or deleterious product and it may not work correctly with true Open Dots™ compliant products.


The box my cell phone cover came in has an Open Dots™ Compliance Logo. What does that mean?

It means that you can be sure that your cell phone cover is safe and will charge your phone no matter what Open Dots™ pad you set it on. You can be sure that if the pad has stripes, your phone will charge on it.

Will the dots on my phone short if they touch metal?

No. The dots (electrical contacts) on the bottom of your device are completely safe, and no electricity comes *out* of them. By analogy, the dots are like the prongs on the end of power cord for an electric fan, for example. The dots are safe, and placing them against metal will not cause them to “short” or to drain the battery.

Will I get a shock if I touch the pad?

For two reasons, No. First, the pad uses low voltage power which is inherently safe to the touch. These low voltages fall below the threshold where regulatory standards even apply. Secondly, however, Open Dots pads employ a unique scheme to detect touch and shut down the pad within a fraction of a second. This “belts and suspenders” approach makes the pad completely benign to touch.

But, the pad safety features don’t stop there. Open Dots pads further include protection against foreign objects such as keys or jewelry. When any such objects are detected, the pad safely shuts down. These safety features make the Open Dots technology practical and easy to use.

Who controls the Open Dots™ standard?

The Open Dots™ Alliance maintains the official Open Dots™ standard to assure 100% compatibility among Open Dots™ products. The Open Dots™ Alliance working group defined the standard, and reviews any proposed future enhancements. Proposals for changes in the specification are considered on an individual basis, and weighed against the impact upon the entire ecosystem. The Open Dots™ Alliance has no stake in the standard other than the recognized need for its existence.

If my company becomes a member of the Open Dots™ Alliance, can we still make inductive products?

Yes. The Open Dots™ Alliance membership only discourages counterfeit or deletarious Open Dots™ products. You may still buy, make, or sell any other products, including those products that use other forms of wire-free power such as inductive.

What are “counterfeit” Open Dots™ products?

These are products that either have conductive dots on them for the purpose of picking up power, or that have conductive stripes on them for the purpose of transferring power, but that do not adhere to the Open Dots™  standard. Such products would confuse consumers because they may appear to the consumer to be made to work with Open Dots™ products, when in fact there is no assurance they are safe or compatible when used with Open Dots™ products.

What are “deleterious” products?

Deleterious Conductive Products are those non-Open Dots™-compliant products that may cause damage to themselves or Open Dots™ products when operated with one another.

How do I become a member of the Open Dots™ Alliance?

Your company can become a member of the Open Dots™ Alliance by submitting an Open Dots Alliance Membership Agreement signed by an authorized agent of your company. Your company will then be a member so long as it follows the four basic provisions of the agreement: 1) Company is not to distribute counterfeit conductive products, 2) Company is not to make counterfeit nor deleterious products nor sell conductive products through non-member channels. 3) Company shall not discourage the proliferation of Open Dots™ products, and 4) Company allows its membership to be revealed to the public. The Open Dots™ Alliance maintains an up-to-date, public list of Open Dots™ Alliance members.

We love the concept, but we have no immediate product plans. Should my company join?

Yes. Membership in the Open Dots™ Alliance is free, and terminates automatically when your company chooses not to comply. There is no penalty or fee for joining or leaving. There are compelling reasons to join even if your company has no immediate product plans. By joining the Open Dots™ Alliance you are taking an active part in the birth of a superior wire-free power platform. You are making a statement to all other companies that you believe in the idea of an open wire-free power standard. Bottom line, if your company could ever benefit from a superior open standard for wire-free power, your company should join the Alliance today!