About Us

Welcome to the Open Dots® Alliance

The Open Dots Alliance is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization tasked as the official custodian of the Open Dots™ standard.

To ensure that products that employ the Open Dots™ technology from different companies will operate seamlessly with each other, Open Dots™ Alliance established the Open Dots™ Alliance Program. This program allows companies to certify or self-certify products for compliance with the standard. Further the program establishes an ecosystem of mutual partners to helps prevent the proliferation of non-compliant products that may result in poor user experience.

The Open Dots™ Alliance creates and publishes in these pages information to help companies develop products that use the Open Dots™ technology. This includes specifications, example schematics, mechanical drawings, application notes, historical information, test requirements, measurement protocols, certification standards, regulatory information, etc.

Please read further for more information regarding the Open Dots™ standard.

Open Dots is technically superior to all other wire-free power technologies:

  • Ultimate Safety: Does not employ electromagnetic fields.
  • Free positioning: Devices run anywhere on a pad at any orientation.
  • High power: Can power devices up to 160 Watts.
  • Power Diverse: low and high power devices can run side-by-side.
  • High efficiency: The technology can be made nearly 100% efficient.
  • Low Cost: Implementation of the technology is inexpensive.

All interested parties are encouraged to browse this site and learn why Open Dots™ may be the ideal wire-free power technology for your product.